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Family History

The first Schulz's Restaurant opened its doors in 1953. It was owned and operated by Edward and Margaret Schulz. It was a small family restaurant that served charcoal grilled sandwiches just like the restaurant today. Their children Ron and Lavonne helped with whatever they could.

Ron bought the restaurant from his father in 1967 and built the current building just blocks away from the original restaurant. The charcoal grill continued.

Ron and his wife Phyllis Schulz moved to Florida in 1983 leaving daughter, Tammy Mittnacht to manage the restaurant in Sheboygan. There they opened up Schulz's Charcoal grill. a local bakery and meat market did the best they could to ensure the same great taste of their famous charcoal grilled sandwiches. 

Tammy and her husband Pete bought the Sheboygan restaurant in 1994, carrying on the same family traditions. The grill goes on with with meat purchased from Miesfeld's Triangle Market. Their famous hard rolls come from Hi-Lo Bakery and all the charcoal grilled sandwiches are served with real butter. Even their soup and chili recipes are the same as served in 1953. "Why spoil a good thing," is their motto. 

By popular demand, Pete and Tammy started serving breakfast and added some dinners to the ever growing menu. Their charcoal grilled sandwiches remain a favorite of the country. 

You may have noticed Schulz's Restaurant in the media. The book "Road Food" highly commended it in 1992. the authors who traveled around the United States loved the food, especially the brats. A year later, the Milwaukee Journal pictured Pete frying steaks on the charcoal grill at Schulz's. 

The famous bratwurst sandwich, served at Schulz's was mentioned in the Gourmet Magazine in 1996. Channel 11 also did a feature of the Schulz's brats on Good Day Wisconsin. 

Tammy and Pete said that they owe the growth of their business to their dedicated workers and loyal customers over the years. Their daughter Carly hopes to someday carry on the family business. Many things have changed since 1953 when Schulz's Restaurant opened, but one thing has not changed. Schulz's remains committed to serving people the best food at reasonable prices. 

          Pete and Tammy Mittnacht  

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